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Complete our Resolution Referral Form

After you have completed the Form, we will be in touch within 5 working days to confirm whether we can take your case forward.


TDS Resolution contacts the other party

Within 5 working days we will contact your landlord/ tenant to see if they will engage in the process. If they choose not to engage, we will notify you and close the case.


Resolution meeting scheduled

Providing the other party consents, we will either:

  • arrange an online appointment for both parties to attend; or

  • speak to each party individually to resolve the matter

We aim to schedule the appointment within 10 working days. We will take into account the views of both parties when deciding the best format for the appointment.


Resolution agreement sent to both parties

Following a successful appointment, we will issue both parties with a settlement agreement detailing what has been agreed.

Following an unsuccessful appointment, a certificate can be requested detailing the attempt to mediate through our service.


Our Testimonials

Big thank you to the TDS Resolution Team for the help and advice. With so many new rules and regulations, Covid etc. the TDS Team negotiated the best possible options for the tenant and myself.

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Steve, Landlord

After 3 months of my tenant withholding rent, and months after I served a Section 21, my tenant and I finally decided to try mediation with TDS. If only we’d done it sooner, we could both have been saved a lot of worry and stress. The mediation was organised quickly, and was handled extremely sensitively, giving us both a platform to express ourselves safely. The session quickly turned into a relaxed, productive conversation, and we had a resolution at the end of it. Within an hour we both received a document summing up the agreement.

Julia, Landlord

Our tenant had slipped into serious rent arrears and had stopped responding to our agents' emails and phone calls. We were advised to serve notice: a path we dreaded. 

As a last resort we contacted TDS resolution and they quickly got to work on 'the case'.

Within 8 days we had an amicable re-payment plan signed by the tenant and we were all able to move forward. Big thanks to George, who was a very understanding and helpful.

Just wish my agent, a big player, employed such skilled mediators!

David, Landlord

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the work done by TDS Resolution on my behalf as a tenant who, through the Covid pandemic, fell into arrears, and faced eviction.


George was extremely helpful in finding a mutually agreeable solution, for which I am hugely relieved. I would strongly recommend the service which they provide for both tenants and landlords.

Michael, Tenant

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Supporting Landlords and Tenants alike...

Owned and operated by The Dispute Service Limited, TDS Resolution is a conciliation/mediation service that aims to facilitate a satisfactory resolution between landlords and tenants without the need for further action.

Our service is free and we are able to assist in the following types of issues/disputes:

  • Property standards

  • Repairs

  • Entry rights

  • Rent arrears

  • Threatened evictions

  • Breach of tenancy terms

  • Noise/Anti-social behaviour (except serious anti-social activity)

Our aim is to secure mutually acceptable agreements between landlords and tenants to allow tenancies to be sustained. This service is generally not suitable for dealing with issues after the tenancy has ended, including disputes about the return of a deposit.

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Why use

TDS Resolution?

The Dispute Service staff carry out over 20,000 tenancy deposit dispute resolutions each year and increasingly these are being resolved without having to go to a full adjudication.


Our staff are skilled at resolving disputes between landlords and tenants and we usually do this over the telephone. In fact in some months we are able to resolve up to 40% of cases by talking to landlords and tenants and finding common ground between them.


We are impartial and it’s our role to help you find a mutually acceptable solution to your problem. All discussions between the parties will be confidential.

The Dispute Service is a Complaint Handler member of the Ombudsman Association.

Would you like to have a chat with our team about your case?

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You can instruct us on a case FREE of charge.

Once we receive your instruction, we will reach out to the relevant landlord/ tenant to encourage them to engage in the process.

If the landlord/tenant will not engage, we will close the case.

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