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Independent Resolution for 

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Establishing a satisfactory resolution, without the need for further action

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Supporting Landlords and Tenants alike...

Our resolution scheme is intended to provide a satisfactory outcome for both parties in the event that a tenant has fallen into rent arrears. This can avoid unnecessary possession hearings in court.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has recently announced that the Pre-Action Protocol, which applies to social landlords, is likely to be extended to private landlords. This Protocol requires a landlord to make reasonable attempts to resolve the rent arrears issue before a case can be heard in court. For example to have written to the tenant about the arrears, to have tried to assist them with any benefit claims and considering the use of mediation to resolve the matter.  Only after the Protocol has been followed will a claim for possession be considered in the court.

We know at the moment that rent arrears are causing serious concerns for both landlords and tenants. TDS Resolution offers a service in which we will reach out to your tenant if they have fallen into rent arrears and try to reach a suitable rent repayment plan for both parties. The aim is to prevent evictions and secure mutually acceptable rent repayment plans.

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Complete our Resolution Referral Form

We will contact your tenant free of charge to see if they will engage in the process. If the tenant chooses not to engage, we will notify you and close the case.

A certificate will be available at the cost of £20 + VAT for the landlord to demonstrate that the tenant has not engaged in the process.


Schedule a Resolution appointment

If the tenant is happy to engage, we will schedule an appointment at a time suitable for both parties and invite you to make payment of £150 + VAT for the service.

In some cases the tenant may only wish to speak with TDS Resolution and if this is the case we will have a follow up conversation with the landlord after we have spoken to the tenants.


Reaching a satisfactory resolution

In the 60-minute appointment we will seek to reach a mutually acceptable rent repayment plan to avoid the need to proceed with the court hearing.



We will draft up a Settlement Agreement which sets out what has been agreed between the parties.


If we cannot reach an agreement, we will include this in our Settlement Agreement which you can take to Court to show your attempts to resolve the matter. 

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Why use

TDS Resolution?

The Dispute Service staff carry out over 20,000 tenancy deposit dispute resolutions each year and increasingly these are being resolved without having to go to a full adjudication.


Our staff are skilled at resolving disputes between landlords and tenants and we usually do this over the telephone. In fact in some months we are able to resolve up to 40% of cases by talking to landlords and tenants and finding common ground between them.


We are impartial and it’s our job to find a mutually acceptable solution to the rent arrears problem.

The Dispute Service is a Complaint Handler member of the Ombudsman Association.

Would you like to have a chat with our team about your case?



You can instruct us on a case FREE of charge.

Once we receive your instruction, we will reach out to the tenant(s) in an attempt to encourage them to engage in the process.


If the tenant will not engage, we will have to close the case but you will not incur any costs.

If the tenant is happy to engage, we will schedule an appointment and invite you to make payment.

The total cost of the service is £150 + VAT and this includes the initial contact with the tenant, the resolution appointment and our Settlement Agreement which sets out the terms of any agreement that has been reached with the tenant.

If you're an NRLA member, we'll give you 25% off the full service

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