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Accountable to: Head of TDS Adjudication Services 

Accountable for: 


Delivery of adjudications in disputes arising under the various resolution schemes operated by The Dispute Service and its subsidiaries, to prescribed standards and within specified time limits.

The day to day line management of TDS employed adjudicators and the quality control of cases completed by them under the various resolution schemes operated by The Dispute Service and its subsidiaries, to prescribed standards and within specified time limits.


Undertaking other activities including internal and external presentations and training and the preparation of material for publication as required from time to time by the Head of TDS Adjudication Services.

Liaison with:   


  • Senior Managers

  • Tenants, Landlords and Agents

  • Board members and employees of TDS

  • Other interested bodies

  • General public

  • External contractors and consultants

Job summary:


Consideration and adjudication of deposit disputes and other disputes whilst securing the independence and effectiveness of the adjudication process.

Consideration and response to complaints about adjudication decisions issued by TDS adjudicators.

Line managing TDS adjudicators,ensuring the quality and consistency and timeliness of adjudication decisions completed by them.

Representing The Dispute Service as required at industry events, including presentations and delivery of face to face or remote training.

Contributing to the development of new business streams in ADR, including mediation and conciliation services.

This is a varied and exciting role and requires a positive, flexible and hardworking person able to handle a variety of tasks and make decisions about the future progress of disputes.

A Lead Adjudicator must be able to prioritise a busy workload and have a sound knowledge – and ability to apply in practice – the Rules of all ADR schemes operated by The Dispute Service.

The location of the role will be agreed with the successful candidate. If office-based in Hemel Hempstead, it will have an element of flexible working as agreed with the Head of TDS Adjudication Services. If home-based, it will require regular attendance at the office in Hemel Hempstead as agreed with the Head of TDS Adjudication Services.

No job description can cover every issue that might arise and the post holder is expected to carry out other duties from time to time, broadly consistent with those listed below.

In this Job description, “TDS” means “The Dispute Service Ltd”.


1. Adjudications
1.1 To adjudicate disputes for all jurisdictions covered by TDS in accordance with:
1.1.1 instructions received from, and targets set by, Head of TDS Adjudication Services; and
1.1.2 the requirements of the approved Adjudicators’ Code of Conduct.
1.2 In the course of adjudicating disputes:
1.2.1 consider the casework documentation provided;
1.2.2 discuss any unusual issues arising with the Head of TDS Adjudication Services, or other members of the TDS adjudication team as appropriate;
1.2.3 seek additional information from the parties to the dispute where neessary; and
1.2.4 submit an adjudication in the required format and in the time limits specified.
1.3 Contribute to ensuring TDS meets its Service Level Agreement obligations in relation to adjudication.
1.4 Contribute to the improvement of adjudication methodology in general.
1.5 Undertake the resolution of certain types of cases as instructed by the Head of TDS Adjudication Services.
1.6 Undertake dispute resolution where the issues are clear and full adjudication is unnecessary.

2. Managing, undertaking and developing the adjudication functions of TDS
2.1 Line-managing employed TDS Adjudicators (incluing 121s and appraisals);
2.2 Mentor adjudicators as part of the strategy for maintaining and improving adjudication decision-making quality;
2.3 Write adjudications, in particular on more complicated disputes, in accordance with targets set by the Head of TDS Adjudication Services;
2.4 Complete post-publication quality control of adjudication decisions completed by adjudicators;
2.5 Maintain and update the Adjudicators’ Handbook in conjunction with the Head of TDS Adjudication Services;
2.6 Be the primary point of contact for resolving queries from adjudicators and moderating discussions on the Slack network
2.7 Contribute to the improvement of TDS’ adjudication methodology in general;
2.8 Ensure TDS meets its performance targets for adjudication;

3. Delivering a great service
3.1. Produce adjudication decisions which will deliver high levels of customer satisfaction for the dispute resolution service;
3.2. Work with other colleagues to adopt new approaches to casework in consultation with the Head of TDS Adjudication Services;
3.3. Identify members who appear to have inadequate understanding of TDS’ requirements, or who generate a disproportionate number of disputes, and inform the Head of Customer Operations or other senior managers at TDS as necessary;
3.4. Contribute as necessary to the provision of training or information about TDS’ requirements.

4. Records/Data Management
4.1. Maintain existing records within the dispute resolution process, as required;
4.2. Contribute to the continuing development of Operating Procedures and systems.

5. Training Events
5.1. Assist in the preparation for and presentation of regular training events for adjudicators;
5.2. Attend and, as necessary, make contributions to conferences, seminars, webinars, videos, and training courses organised internally and by external bodies to improve adjudicator knowledge and understanding.

6. General
6.1. Carry out the role in a manner which will deliver high levels of customer satisfaction for TDS’ dispute resolution service;
6.2. Contribute towards TDS retaining its Customer Service Excellence accreditation;
6.3. Contribute towards adjudication review responses and TDS retaining its Complaints BSI accreditation;
6.4. Assist in the reviews as necessary of the operation, administration, and documentation of TDS’ dispute resolution activities;
6.5. Prepare reports on the operation of TDS’ dispute resolution functions for the Head of TDS Adjudication Services and other interested parties as required;
6.6. Undertake any other duties as may reasonably be required by the Head of TDS Adjudication Services;
6.7. Keep abreast of developments in the private rented sector.

7. Equal Opportunities
7.1. Implement TDS’ Equal Opportunities Policy in respect of TDS’ dispute resolution functions, ensuring that all policies and procedures are in accordance with good equal opportunities practice.

8.Independence and impartiality
8.1.Ensure that the independence and/or impartiality of TDS’ dispute resolution service is not undermined.

Essential characteristics

9. Job Knowledge
9.1. Must be able to demonstrate practical knowledge and experience of:
9.1.1. supervising casework and the work of others (proven staff management experience is desirable);
9.1.2. dispute resolution processes;
9.1.3. undertaking casework and resolving disputes
digesting large volumes of information in electronic format;
9.1.5. analysing data, reaching conclusions, making recommendations; and presenting clearly and concisely both orally and in writing;
9.1.6. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Business Teams and Zoom;
9.1.7. dealing with professionals in different spheres of activity.

10. Communication
10.1. Must be able to present basic information clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
10.2. Must be able to communicate effectively in order to gain information from, and inform, the parties to a dispute.
10.3. Must possess good interpersonal skills, communicating effectively in order to advise and inform colleagues and other stakeholders.

11. Equal Opportunities
11.1. Must be able to demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities in relation to the work of TDS Ltd.

12. General
12.1. Must be able to handle a range of different tasks simultaneously and prioritise a heavy workload;
12.2. Must demonstrate common sense and good judgement;
12.3. A flexible attitude to work is essential;
12.4. Must be able and willing to work remotely, unsupervised, and to time.
12.5. Must be able to demonstrate an affinity for excellent Customer Service.
12.6. Must be able to attain and retain membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
12.7. Must be able to identify with the aims and objectives of TDS.

13. Required behaviour and attitude:

Applicants must be able to:

13.1 demonstrate behaviour types in accordance with The Dispute Service’s behaviour and attitude requirements (TDS Values):

o Customer Excellence
o Integrity
o Fairness
o Making a difference
o Teamwork

14. Desirable characteristics

Preferably educated to Degree level.

Demonstrate a practical knowledge and experience of:

14.1. administration systems;
14.2. the work of residential lettings agents;
14.3. interest in housing issues, particularly the private rented sector.

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