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Looking to protect a tenancy deposit?

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Deposit Disputes

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We provide a free dispute resolution service for tenancy deposit disputes arising from protected deposits with one of our tenancy deposit protection schemes. Through our software solution and conciliation activities we aim to resolve most disputes by agreement but where this is not possible our adjudicators will make a binding decision on how the deposit should be split between the landlord and the tenant, based on the evidence that has been submitted to them to consider.

New Homes Ombudsman Service


The Dispute Service has been commissioned by the New Homes Quality Board to operate the new Homes Ombudsman Service. This service, subject to validation by the Ombudsman Association, is planned to be operational early in 2022 and will resolve disputes between homebuyers and developers of new homes. The Ombudsman will be able to consider complaints about breaches of the new Homes Quality Code up to two years from the time the new home was purchased.

Tenancy Redress Service, TDS Resolution & SDS Resolve


These are free conciliation and mediation services that aim to help landlords and tenants resolve disputes between themselves, without having to go to Court.  

Zero Deposit Disputes

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TDS provides the Alterative Dispute Resolution service in relation to disputes about claims for losses at the end of tenancies covered by the Zero Deposit financial guarantee to landlords.

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Tenancy Deposit Protection

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England and Wales

Tenancy Deposit Scheme; we provide both Custodial and Insurance-backed deposit protection (where we are the largest scheme) and currently protect c1.5m deposits.


SafeDeposits Scotland is the largest Custodial scheme in Scotland. It currently protects over 150,000 deposits.

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Northern Ireland

TDS Northern Ireland operates both a Custodial and Insurance-backed scheme and is by far the largest scheme with some 55,000 deposits protected.

Charitable Activities 


TDS Charitable Foundation 

This is a charity supported by TDS which aims to raise standards in the private rented sector. Formed in 2014 it provides grants to a range of organisations.

SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust

This charity is supported and funded by SafeDeposits and like the sister charity in England it aims to raise standards in the Scottish private rented sector.

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New Homes Quality Board


We are working closely with the New Homes Quality Board [NHQB] to establish the New Homes Ombudsman Service.  The NHQB is developing the New Homes Quality Code which will set out the standards to which its Registered Developers need to comply.  The New Homes Ombudsman Service will enable homebuyers to complain to the Ombudsman about breaches of the New Homes Quality Code.

The New Homes Ombudsman service is subject to validation by the Ombudsman Association and is expected to launch in 2022.

Inventory Solutions


The Dispute Service has long recognised the importance of an accurate and comprehensive inventory to minimise the number of tenancy deposit disputes. It is also very important that tenants are able to review and comment on the inventory and for these comments to be recorded. 

We are now working closely with Inventory Hive an industry leading provider of inventory software, to ensure that inventory clerks, letting agents and landlords have access to an easy to use software solution that, if used properly, should reduce tenancy deposit disputes.

End of Tenancy Solutions


We encourage landlords and lettings agents to stay in touch with tenants throughout the end of the tenancy period; reminding tenants to pay the last month’s rent, to clean the property, repair any damage and sort out the garden.

That’s why we are working closely with The Depositary. This innovative software application helps landlords and lettings agents to better manage the end of tenancy process. We’ve integrated some of The Depositary’s process into our tenancy deposit software, as we know that this solution will lead to fewer disputes for us to handle.

Complylex Platform

The Dispute Service recognises that property law can be difficult to understand, even for property professionals. This is why we are proud to be working in partnership with Complylex, the online compliance-based platform for estate and letting agents. Together, both organisations are committed to helping property professionals navigate complex industry legislation and raise standards in the Private Rented Sector.

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